Terms of Reference

The FASS Education Committee will:

  • Encourage alignment of educational strategies and practices at School and Departmental level with the teaching and learning priorities identified in University and Faculty strategic plans.
  • Develop strategies to improve learning and teaching pedagogies across the Faculty, and monitor educational performance with reference to standard ITL datasets and other indicators relevant to teaching quality and the student experience.
  • Contribute via relevant SEG committees to the development of University policy on teaching enhancement strategies, including the development of teaching and learning compacts, and on other matters relating to teaching, learning and the student’s whole experience.
  • Support curriculum renewal and best practice throughout the Faculty in line with overarching University priorities.
  • Oversee the Faculty’s annual review of student load and mix to ensure educational and financial sustainability, including proposing Faculty targets for recruitment and retention of low SES, Indigenous and rural and remote students.
  • Provide expert input into Faculty projects on curriculum development, degree levels and pathways, and assessment.
  • In consultation with the UG and PG Coursework Commitees, oversee Faculty reviews of degree programs as required and make recommendations to DEC and other appropriate University bodies for reform and improvement.
  • Assess the strategic fit, business case and appropriateness of all new degree proposals and make recommendations to DEC as to whether these proposals should be sent to senior decision-making bodies for approval.
  • Oversee the activities of the eLearning Steering Group and act as the Faculty’s primary source of strategic advice, expertise and coordination of activity in relation to eLearning and technology-supported learning.
  • Report annually to DEC and SEG on progress against agreed teaching compacts and targets.
  • Report regularly to DEC and SEG on progress towards achieving the University’s commitment to attracting and supporting promising students from a diversity of social and cultural backgrounds.
  • Encourage development and innovation across the Faculty through the promotion of staff participation in teaching development activities coordinated by ITL, Sydney eLearning and the DVC (Education) portfolio.
  • Encourage the development of School and Faculty teaching innovation projects and assist staff with making application to external funding sources as appropriate.