Terms of Reference

The Teaching and Learning Committee's Terms of Reference are:

  • Initiate, develop, monitor and review policies, procedures and guidelines relating to teaching, learning, assessment and evaluation in the Faculty (Strategic Plan LT2).
  • Respond to evidence about teaching and learning performance within the Faculty as relevant data becomes available, and contribute to the task of identifying priorities, needs and plans for improvement.
  • Administer and review schemes designed to support improvements in teaching quality and the learning experience (Strategic Plan LT2).
  • Develop the Faculty Teaching and Learning Plan and prepare related submissions.
    Ensure Faculty representation on relevant central University Committees as required.
  • Ensure the Committee aligns its activities with the Faculty Strategic Plan.
    Report regularly to DEC on progress and advise on related policy and operational issues.
  • Members of the Committee report regularly on Committee business and policies to the School that they represent and bring to the Committee's attention any School issues.