Dr Louise Katz

Dr Louise Katz

Dr Louise Katz

Academic Communication for Postgraduates, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
BA Visual Arts (University of NSW), Dip Ed (University of Sydney), DCA (University of Technology, Sydney)

Room S349, John Woolley Building A20, University of Sydney NSW 2006
T: +61 2 9036 5099
M: +61 422 036 790
F: +61 2 9351 2434
Consultation times: Please email for an appointment.

Louise joined the university in 2009 and currently teaches Academic Communication for Postgraduates, a Faculty wide unit of study. Previously she taught creative writing at the University of Technology. Louise’s background was originally in visual arts, coming later in her career to the teaching of communication skills in industry contexts, and from there to teaching writing in the Academy. Her doctoral thesis was concerned with theories and practices of creativity.

Research interests

  • Teaching and learning strategies, focusing on written and spoken communication styles
  • Cultural impacts of misapplication of corporate language in professional contexts
  • Practice-led research
  • The ethics of the Slow movement in relation to education
  • Theories of creativity, and the relationship between creative and critical process in writing practice.
  • Monsters and monstrosity in literature and politics
  • Expressions of religious and mythic sensibilities in contemporary fiction

Publications and conferences


  • [Novel] The Orchid Nursery currently under review for publication
  • [Journal article] ‘Against the Corrosive language of Corpspeak in the Contemporary University’ accepted for publication in Higher Education Research and Development journal, publication date TBC
  • [Journal article] ‘Creativity, Ambivalence and Play’ currently under review for publication with Journal of Artistic and Creative Education

Currently writing:

  • [Conference paper] ‘Tempo Giusto: finding our pace as teachers and learners’, accepted for presentation at Crossroads Conference, Finland, July 2014
  • [Journal article] Fantasy, Magic and Stories of the stories of the Undead in Higher Education, and Consideration of Curative Countermagics and Banishing Spells


  • [Book chapter] ‘Grave Tales, Monstrous Realities’, Beyond the Monstrous: Reading from the Cultural Imaginary, Janice Zehentbauer, Eva Gledhill (Eds.) pp. 203-224 Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press.
  • [Journal article] ‘From Eros to Industry: creative theory and practice in the arts and education’, in International Journal of Arts and Sciences 6 (1), 479-489, 2013
  • [Conference paper] Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia (HERDSA), ‘The Third University: reformulating principles and priorities to create new places of learning’, Auckland, July 2013
  • [Short story introductory chapters] ‘The Gift’ and ‘The Play’, University of NSW (Educational Assessment Australia) for examination program
  • [Journal article] ‘Dangerous narratives: politics, lies and ghost stories’ in Cosmopolitan Civil Societies: An Interdisciplinary Journal, Vol. 3 No.1., 2011
  • [Novella] ‘A Week With the Devil’ in Heads Up anthology, The Royalties Writers’ Cooperative, 2011
  • [Conference paper] ‘A Turbid Moodiness Lingers: horrorism and human relations’, Interdisciplinary.net conference, ‘Monsters and the Monstrous’, Oxford, 2011
  • [Conference paper] ‘Creativity, Ambivalence and Play’, ANZCA Conference, ‘Media, Democracy and Change’, Canberra, July, 2010


  • [Journal article] ‘Teaching to Diversity: reflections on teaching Arts7000’ in Synergy, issue 29, November 2009
  • [Conference paper] ‘No Man’s Land and Everyman’s land: the ideal meets the real in Israel/Palestine’, Society for Utopian Studies Conference, Monash, 2008
  • [Conference paper] ‘On the Recent Growth of Utopian Speculation’, Society for Utopian Studies Conference, Toronto, 2008


  • [Journal article] ‘Teaching Creative Writing’, mETAphor, English Teachers Association of Australia, May, 2006
  • [Short Story] ‘Weavers of the Twilight’, Smashing Stories anthology Agog! Press, 2004
  • [Novel] The Other Face of Janus, HarperCollins Publishers, 2001
  • [Short Story] ‘The Little Demon’ in ‘Mystery, Magic, Voodoo’ anthology, HarperCollins Publishers, 2000
  • [Novel] Myfanwy’s Demon, HarperCollins Publishers, 1996

Ongoing supervisions and examinations

  • Supervised Study Projects, Masters in Creative Writing, University of Sydney
  • MA Creative writing examinations, Macquarie University