Writing a Thesis Chapter: Semester 1 2015

Thank you for your interest in the FASS Writing a Thesis Chapter course.

Applications should be made jointly by students and their supervisors or postgraduate research coordinators, using this online form. This allows for information to be collected about students' candidature, and also gives supervisors an opportunity to provide feedback on specific areas of assistance students may require. This information will then be used in designing and delivering the seminars.

Students should make sure that they have gathered all the required information about their candidature before approaching their supervisor to complete the joint application. The supervisor will be asked to add comments about what he or she believes are the areas of a student's writing that need work. It may be helpful for students to discuss these with their supervisor before the application is completed.

If students or supervisors have difficulties arranging a joint application due to extended absence overseas, one half of the application pair (either student or supervisor) should fill in the form to the best of his/her ability before the closing date.

Student applicants filling in the form independently should make sure they advise supervisors about having made the application at the earliest opportunity.

Students and supervisors will receive an email acknowledging receipt of the application, and another to inform them of the outcome.

In Semester 1, 2015, classes will be held on Thursdays from 11am to 1pm in Brennan Learning Studio 108.

Semester commences in the week of Monday 2 March 2015.

If you have a query about the course, please contact Bronwen Dyson. If you have a technical difficulty in submitting your application, please contact .

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