Commendation for a teacher, tutor, lecturer or Unit of Study

Have you encountered

  • a teacher who really inspired or impressed you?
  • a great Unit of Study in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences?

Take a few minutes to pass on your positive comments. Read the info below and then fill out the one of the forms linked from this page.

Why should I commend a teacher or unit?
Student commendations are a great way to support teachers’ efforts, and encourage them to apply for Faculty Teaching Awards. Your comments will help improve our awareness of what teaching methods and styles work for you, the student, and this can guide the direction of teaching and curriculum reform.

Who can commend a teacher or unit?
Any currently enrolled student or any current member of staff at the University of Sydney can send a commendation. You must provide your current university email address in the space provided on the form. This is so we can be sure that you are a bona fide student. Commendations without a valid University of Sydney email address won’t be accepted.

Does it matter when I was taught by the person I want to commend?
No, it doesn’t, but we would prefer commendations for people who have taught you within the past three years, and who are still on staff (full time, part time or casual) at the University of Sydney.

Can I make a criticism rather than a commendation?
No, this is not the place to air criticisms or problems. The purpose of this form is only to seek ‘Student Commendations’, so negative or critical comments will be deleted. If you do want to voice any concerns, the appropriate way is by contacting your Unit of Study Coordinator or the Head of School, or by making comments as relevant on the Unit of Study Evaluation form at the end of semester.

Where will my commendation go once I click ‘Submit’?
Your commendation goes from this site to the Associate Dean (Education). The Staff Support and Development Officer collects the commendations and forwards them on to staff members concerned – to the relevant teacher and his or her Head of School. Unless you give your permission to pass on your name, the comments you make on this form will be anonymous when they are sent to staff members and/or Heads of School. Your email address is only needed so the Associate Dean (Education) can verify that you are a bona fide student: it is not communicated further.

Is there a time restriction on when I can submit a commendation?
No, it doesn’t matter when you submit your commendation. The portal is open all year around.
Students are normally emailed by the Associate Dean (Education) at the end of each semester, inviting them to submit a commendation.

What will happen to my commendation?
The staff member and/or his or her Head of School may wish to use your commendation when preparing reports on teaching, such as when applying for promotion or for an award for excellent teaching. Your comments are an encouragement and reward for good teaching – a way of saying ‘thank you’.

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