Arts on Track

The Arts on Track Program is part of the University’s Staying on Track initiative, and is designed to provide Faculty support to students who are not currently meeting the progression requirements in their degree program of study in Arts and Social Sciences. This usually means that the student has failed 50% or more of the credit points for which they were enrolled in the previous semester.

Students are linked with a member of academic staff–an academic adviser–who provides guidance and support over the course of one semester. In this program we can also connect students to services and networks of support that can continue to assist them throughout their degree program.

Arts on Track program is designed to support students as they deal with any specific difficulties they are experiencing that may be impacting on their academic progress. It will also help students identify strategies that are likely to improve their learning at university, and go on to succeed in their degree programs.

If you’re a student who has been asked to contact Arts on Track please email We look forward to hearing from you and connecting you with the support you need for a successful semester.