Contact your Rep

Issues your Departmental Rep can help you with

Teaching and learning issues that Reps can assist with include

  • Raise issues relating to the experiences of students in lectures and tutorials(e.g. class sizes, location, timetable)
  • Liaise with Academic staff about assessment structures
  • Provide feedback to Departments about unit of study choice and availability
  • Provide feedback to students and staff about reader and text availability
  • Liaise with Professional staff about School and Departmental administrative matters
  • Any other issue that affects a department’s entire cohort, or a significant number of students

Departmental Rep contact details

Reps check the Issues for your Student Representative discussion board on your department or program’s Student Liaison Program Blackboard site. In addition, each Rep has access to a dedicated email account if you would prefer to email your comments, concerns or queries. Check the list below for the addresses. Note: an asterisk (*) indicates that the department or program is not participating in the Student Liaison Program at this time.

School of Economics

Department or Program Rep(s) Email
School of Economics Adam Atwani

Steven Chan

School of Letters, Art, and Media

Department or Program Rep(s) Email
Department of Art History and Film Studies Julian Woods

Ryan Cigana
Celtic Studies Program Truc Ha Nguyen
Digital Cultures Program Atia Rahim

Li (Aily) Jiang
Department of English Nicola Borton

Hope William-Smith
Department of Linguistics Joshua Han
Department of Media and Communications Alisha Aitken-Radburn

Liam Carrigan
Medieval and Early Modern Centre *    
Department of Performance Studies Isabella Phillips
Department of Studies in Religion

Breann Szczepanik
Writing Hub *    
School Reps for SLAM Ryan Cigana

Joshua Han

School of Languages and Cultures

Department or Program Rep(s) Email
Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies Mirna Zeini
Asian Studies Program Matt Matis

Helen Xing Wei
Department of Chinese Studies Henry Chen

Jun Chang
European Studies Program No Reps elected. Please contact if you are interested in taking on this role.
Department of French Studies Christina Nguyen
Department of Germanic Studies Jesse Seton

Emma Stewart
Department of Hebrew, Biblical and Jewish Studies Heath Sloane

Madalyn Avramovic
Department of Indian Sub-Continental Studies *    
Department of Indonesian Studies Lauren Gaudion
International and Comparative Literary Studies Program Emily May
Department of Italian Studies Patrick Izzo

Shedona Pulumbarit
Department of Japanese Studies Remika Mito

Jun Chang
Department of Korean Studies Kenneth Luu

Enos Koh
Department of Modern Greek Studies Eleonora Tsiknas Kazantzis
Department of Spanish and Latin American Studies *    
School Reps for SLC Jun Chang

Emily May

Helen Xing Wei

Mirna Zeini

School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry

Department or Program Rep(s) Email
American Studies Program Rachel Stone

Liam Carrigan
Department of Archaeology Frances Robson

Joshua Azzi
Department of Classics and Ancient History Alexandra Pinkham

Thomas Gardner
Department of Gender and Cultural Studies Lily Patchett

Beth Nuttall
Department of History Hope Williams

Liam Carrigan
Department of Philosophy Caelin Kramer

James Thorpe
School Reps for SLOPHI Thomas Gardner

Beth Nuttall

School of Social and Political Sciences

Department or Program Rep(s) Email
Department of Anthropology James Zavadszky
Department of Government and International Relations Mariam George

Hope William-Smith
International and Global Studies Program Max Gao

Joshua Tassell
Department of Political Economy Dylan Iredale

Georgia Wolff
Department of Sociology and Social Policy Katie Stow

Lora Chen
School Reps for SSPS Dylan Iredale

James Zavadszky

Support for other issues

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences also provides comprehensive Student Administration Manuals that contain information about your enrolment, extensions and special consideration, exchange, and other student administration forms. In addition, the Faculty provides support for planning your studies and information on free services you can access if things go wrong.

Undergraduate Students: Students’ Representative Council (SRC)

The Students’ Representative Council offers free, confidential advocacy and advice to undergraduate students on a range of issues, including

  • Academic appeals (over marks, show good cause and exclusions) and special consideration
  • Centrelink and financial issues
  • Tenancy issues
  • Discrimination and harassment issues

For more information visit the SRC’s help page to read one of their pamphlets, or email .

Postgraduate Students: Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association (SUPRA)

The Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association offers free, confidential advocacy and advice to postgraduate students on a range of issues, including

  • Academic appeals (coursework and research appeals, show cause complaints) and special considerations
  • Supervision and research issues, academic honesty, plagiarism
  • Centrelink and financial issues
  • Tenancy issues
  • Discrimination and harassment issues

SUPRA also provides legal assistance, tax help, and a range of publications to support PG students in their studies at the University of Sydney. For more information visit SUPRA’s help page, or email .

Contact your Faculty Reps

You can contact the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Student Faculty Representatives by sending an . Alternatively, you can visit their blog for updates.

Questions about the program

If you have a question about the program, please don’t hesitate to email for more information.