eSearch to Research: Humanities and Social Sciences

eSearch to Research is an online tutorial for new students. It is designed to help you with searching and finding information for your assignments and research projects.

The site explores how to distinguish, understand and locate key types of academic information sources.

There are modules covering four different disciplines (Arts, Education and Social Work, Law, and Economics and Business). The information in each is very similar but the examples are discipline-specific, so make sure you have a look at the Arts module.

The eSearch to Research is a available to be viewed by all students and staff. Visitors to the site are encouraged to work on one module at a time and use the 'Test Yourself' feature as they progress through the site.

If First Year Coordinators would like to include it as a part of their unit of study, they can contact Student Support Programs to receive the documentation and have their student and teaching staff added to the ARTS1000: eSearch to Research Blackboard LMS site.