Student Liaison Program

About the Student Liaison Program

The Student Liaison Program (SLP) was launched in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in 2009. The SLP was developed to create a transparent avenue for communication between the student body, departments, schools, the Faculty and to the University through a network of elected Student Reps, who serve a one-year term.

Each semester, elections are organised for one new Student Rep in each participating department or program, so that Reps serve their term in the semester in which they are elected, and the following semester. This allows a system of mentoring to develop, in which new Reps are introduced to their role by experienced peers.

Student representation is not adversarial. It is an opportunity for both students and staff to contribute to the ongoing improvement of the teaching and learning environment. Staff genuinely welcome student input and the opportunity to have a conversation with students about teaching and learning. Reps also provide a useful role as liaison between staff and students. Often just knowing the reasons for a decision can improve students' view of an issue or situation and enforce a sense of inclusivity. This also gives students a 'go-to' person for comments or concerns.

How you can be involved

If you are a student studying in one of the participating departments or programs in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, you will have access to a dedicated Blackboard site that has been developed to facilitate communication between students in each department so that they can participate in the election process.

Participating in the election process

Become a Rep

If you would like to nominate yourself for the role of Student Rep in your department of program, visit the Student Liaison Program Blackboard site in Week 1 to nominate on the Candidate Profiles discussion board. Elections are held in Week 2 each semester.

Each Rep is required to commit to

  • a one-year term of office (the semester in which they are elected, and the following semester)
  • completing a short online training module on Blackboard and attending a face-to-face training session each semester
  • providing feedback at the end of semester, either through a face-to-face meeting or an online survey

During the semester, Reps are required to

  • monitor and contribute to online discussion on Blackboard, and regularly check a dedicated email address for student correspondence
  • actively communicate with students to canvas their views
  • liaise with their Chair of Department and Professional staff to pass on student views through the appropriate channels (regular department or administrative meetings)

Vote in the elections

Where more than one nomination is received, voting takes place in Week 2 each semester on Student Liaison Program Blackboard sites. Every student enrolled in participating departments or programs is entitled to vote to elect their Rep.

Election timeline

The election timeline shows the key dates each semester.

Week Activity
Week 1 Nominations are open on each Blackboard site
Week 2 Election of Student Reps on Blackboard
Week 3

Elected Reps notified by email

Reps attend a face-to-face training session and complete an online training module

Week 4 Reps are given access to Blackboard and their dedicated email address
Week 12 to Exam period Reps complete an end-of-semester review

Communication with your Rep

If you have an issue you would like to bring to your Rep’s attention, you can post your thoughts on the discussion board of your department’s Student Liaison Program blackboard site, have a chat with them in person, or send an email.