2015 Workshop

International Workshop on Social Transformation and International Migration in Turkey

8-9 January 2015
Bo─čaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey
Organisers: Mine Eder, Ahmet Içduygu, Derya Özkul

Turkey has gone through a series of changes in the last decade that constitute a neoliberal transformation: the developments in the economy, the rise in the urban middle class and the absence of welfare provisions are among the factors that have required the arrival of international migrants. As such, Turkey has increasingly become an immigration country. In this workshop, we were interested in papers with a clear theoretical perspective and strong empirical data on recent migration flows in Turkey from a wide range of disciplines and perspectives. Papers presented explored the following themes:

  • Political economy and absence of welfare provisions in Turkey: need for low-skilled migrants;
  • Lived experiences of internal and international migrants: precarious work and informality;
  • Urban transformation projects and implications for internal and international migration;
  • Feminization of migration in Turkey;
  • Challenges to policy-making in migration and asylum seeking in Turkey;
  • Changing citizenship regime and challenges to national belonging in Turkey;
  • Turkey’s changing foreign affairs, regional flows and in particular Syrian migrants.

As a result of this workshop, a special issue was prepared for the journal New Perspectives on Turkey.