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International Conference

International Workshop of Social Transformation and International Migration (STIM) project: Challenge for Social Theory and National Identities

22-23 August 2013
The University of Sydney

The overall intellectual purpose of the Workshop is to improve the links between international migration theory and broader social theory. It builds on the international, international, interdisciplinary collaboration established through the Social Transformation and International Migration in the 21st Century (STIM) Project.

It aims to construct a framework of analysis that posits migration as an integral component of social transformation. It contributes to the development of social scientific knowledge through analyzing the relationship between neo-liberal globalization and human mobility, and understanding how global processes are mediated through specific national and local social and cultural experiences. Using mixed methods and a multi-scalar approach, the project analyses four countries that have experienced significant social transformation and migration since the 1970s: South Korea, Mexico, Turkey and Australia.

The first specific objective of the Workshop is to provide an interdisciplinary interchange of leading social scientists working on international migration and diversity issues from Australia and several other countries. The workshop will also involve early career researchers and postgraduate students, and representatives from the Policy Innovation, Research and Evaluation Unit (PIREU) of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) of Australia. The Workshop will be a forum to examine key issues in the relationship between social transformation and international migration, and to discuss possible policy implications of these findings. The interdisciplinary workshop will involve scholars working at the intersections of a range of disciplines, including sociology, social policy, anthropology, geography, political economy, law, international relations and development studies. The second objective of the workshop is to produce a co-authored interdisciplinary publication by University of Sydney scholars from several departments (including doctoral candidates), as well as Australian and overseas partners, to be published as a book or a special issue in an international journal. Finally, the Workshop aims to build long-term partnerships between Australian and international social science researchers.

The participants at the Workshop include the Sydney based research team of the STIM Project (principal investigator and research assistants), international collaborators of the Project from Mexico, South Korea, Turkey and the UK, and scholars from Australia. The International Program Development Fund of the University of Sydney, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of the University of Sydney, the Academy of the Social Sciences Australia, and the Australian Research Council sponsor the Workshop.

Note: participation by invitation only.
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