About us

Welcome to the Writing Hub! As our name suggests, we aspire to being a hub of activity and excitement about writing, with many spokes in the wheel.

While Freshman Composition or First-Year Writing as it is now known, has long been a staple of undergraduate core curriculum in North American universities, such units of study have been much slower to catch on in Australia. However, as evidenced by recent public debates on literacy, both at the secondary and tertiary level, the times they are a-changing, ushering in a new focus on developing students’ academic writing, critical thinking, and public speaking abilities as essential graduate attributes.

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Teaching and Learning Network has responded to this educational shift by establishing the Writing Hub, which will assist students with their academic writing needs and aid staff in designing effective writing and oral presentation assignments. The Hub will also offer special programs for secondary teachers and students and writing services for the corporate sector.

The Writing Hub is the first of its kind in Australia and is enjoying research and teaching partnerships with leading universities around the world. The Hub is modeled on Stanford University’s Hume Writing Center, whose directors have served as mentors for the Sydney program. Like the Hume Writing Center, the Writing Hub focuses on rhetoric as the cornerstone of effective communication, and this focus is reflected in the programs and units of study we offer, our individual tutoring sessions with students, and our consultancy services.

The Hub comprises two large teaching spaces and a small suite of offices, all of which have undergone a $500,000 renovation made possible by a large external grant. All WRIT tutorials are held in the state-of-the-art networked classroom, equipped for live virtual exchanges with universities in the Stanford-based Cross Cultural Rhetoric Program. The Hub also offers a conversation room in a comfortable, café-type atmosphere, to enable conversations about writing outside the classroom. Students are invited to drop in and seek help on their writing assignments from WRIT tutors during posted times - and to take advantage of the free wireless internet access.

Please drop by and visit us in the Hub and learn more about how we can assist you. Or if you can’t visit in person, you can find us on Facebook. We are excited about writing - and want you to be, too!