We understand that academic writing can be intimidating, but we also know that the ability to devise sound arguments is the cornerstone of success, both at university and in the workplace. That is why at the Writing Hub we teach writing as more than just a product; writing is an opportunity to identify and improve critical thinking.

The Writing Hub uses new approaches to rhetoric to form communities of students and academics who shape debates about writing, thinking and knowledge.

people discussing writing

Our units of study take you through the writing process, increasing your abilities and confidence in cross-cultural communication, composition and digital literacy. These units are designed to improve the abilities of all writers, from beginners to the more advanced, through providing students with the strategies they need to construct effective arguments and critically analyse their own work.

We also provide drop-in sessions where you can get feedback on your writing from trained writing mentors. One-on-one discussion allows you to reflect on your writing and invent more persuasive, effective means of communication.