We discovered the relevance of rhetoric and writing to the corporate world during our first experiences working with corporate clients. We found that while writing reflects an organisation's thinking, it also provides a medium through which thinking can be refined.

The Department of Writing Studies specialises in identifying the exact phrase that is stifling your company's thinking. The result can be electric; as Mark Twain said, the difference between the right word and the wrong word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.

Depending on your needs, we discover a way of writing with you to improve your thinking and communication. We are specialists in rhetoric, collaborative writing and professional communication. Writing is an occasion to work together: inventing, organising, documenting and presenting your company's unique style of thinking.

Drawing on our expertise in rhetoric, collaborative writing and professional communication, we can arrange a service specific to your company's unique needs:

  • Invention - use writing to reveal new ideas, capture light bulb moments, and transform habits of thought.
  • Organisation - generate momentum by refining initial ideas, creating proposals, or reorganising the way you record and store information.
  • Documentation - benefit from your institutional memory by refining your existing written material, developing case studies, creating dynamic staff biographies, or recording your company's history as it happens.
  • Presentation - discover the medium, voice and emotional levers that convincingly deliver your message to your clients.

In each of these areas we will work with you to create a style of writing that reflects your company's thinking and catches the attention of your audience.

We have experience communicating in digital and print mediums, while our expertise in rhetoric also opens the door to powerful and confident oral presentations.

For further information or to begin arranging a package to suit your needs, contact the Chair of the Department of Writing Studies, .