Department of Writing Studies Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Coursework

Writing Studies is an interdisciplinary minor which draws from established research in a wide range of fields including rhetoric and composition, classics, philosophy, religious studies, digital cultures, Australian studies, and higher education studies.

Students will learn to combine various research methods including rhetorical, discourse and textual analysis to examine written, spoken and visual texts at various stages of production from conception to transmission and consumption. We teach students to consider, apply and control stylistic options in relation to prose style, figurative language, voice, register, tone and word choice. We encourage students to think creatively and imaginatively to produce effective written assignments according to the specific guidelines of a range of academic disciplines. Students will understand rhetoric as the theoretical foundation of writing and recognize how rhetoric is used in various textual practices and discourse communities.

The Writing Studies Minor will cultivate the ability to identify the historical, analytical, and ethical dynamics of written, oral, digital and visual communication, its material and cultural contexts, and its associations with power. Our units of study will strengthen students’ academic and professional writing and increase their confidence in critical thinking, argumentation, global awareness, and composition. Students who complete this minor will be able to critically engage with conventions of academic and professional writing and to produce reasoned, rhetorically sound arguments across a range of genres applying language consistent with appropriate disciplinary, cultural and professional conventions.

Structuring Your Study

Under the new degree requirements, which apply to students enrolling in 2018 (and to students who enrolled in 2017, if they wish to switch to the new curriculum), a Minor in Writing Studies comprises two 1000-level Writing Studies units, two 2000-level Writing Studies units, and two 3000-level Writing Studies units.

Please see below for more detailed information relevant to you, depending on which of the three categories you fall under:

 I am continuing in my current degree I would like to move to the new curriculum