Intensive Units

This is a perfect opportunity to accelerate your degree or make up for missed credit points or simply complete a unit of study across a 4 week period in between regular semesters.

The following 6-credit point, junior and senior units will be run for all students across the University in between semesters:

  • WRIT1001 Writing and Rhetoric: Academic Essays
    The persuasive power of the English language emerges from its richness and variation. This unit introduces students to rhetorical theory as a resource for the creative construction of meaning. Students will learn to discover topics, arrange ideas, and analyse the delivery of arguments across a variety of contexts.
  • WRIT1002 Writing and Rhetoric: Argumentation (ONLINE)
    This unit is taught entirely online and is ideal for students requiring flexibility in their studies. Designed to improve writing and critical thinking abilities, the unit teaches students to craft persuasive, ethical, and engaging arguments. It will focus on the production and reception of arguments across a range of genres, including digital environments. Online tutorials feature collaborative writing and editing exercises on global, participatory platforms.
  • WRIT2002 Argumentation Theory and Practice
    What do great poets, preachers and politicians have in common? Using case studies of enduring speeches, from the pulpit to the courtroom to the concert hall, this unit introduces students to advanced rhetorical theory, research and analysis. It extends their ability to think critically about various text types and modes of delivery.
  • WRIT3000 Workplace Communications
    Effective communication in the modern workplace involves more than the production or reproduction of formulaic documents. To be persuasive, communication must be tailored to address the needs of differing audiences while sustaining a coherent and credible corporate narrative. This unit teaches the concepts of rhetorical awareness and user-centred design to enable you to craft a range of audience-focused, persuasive speeches, documents and visual texts for an increasingly technologized workplace.

These units will run across a four-week intensive period in both Summer and Winter (in between regular semesters).

Enrol through Sydney Student when enrolments open on 30 November.

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