Audit and Risk Management (ARM)

Post Office

Services offered

Audit and Risk Management offers audits, reviews, investigations, insurance services and risk management and development strategies.

  • ARM conducts audits which have a financial and administrative focus and assess compliance with rules, procedures and controls.
Management reviews
  • ARM offers management reviews which assess the efficiency and effectiveness of an operation from a management and administrative perspective.
Information systems audits
  • ARM assess the pre and post implementation phases of developing information systems and also assess housekeeping issues pertinent to information systems, such as security and environment.
Risk management
  • ARM is overseeing the development of risk registers for each faculty, PSU and CAP as part of an annual risk monitoring and reporting framework.
  • ARM conducts assessments and investigations of allegations of corruption, maladministration and serious and substantial waste of public monies. It also provides the University’s liaison with the Independent Commission Against Corruption.
  • ARM provides, on request to managers and staff, advice in respect of University policies and processes.
  • ARM manages the University’s general insurance program (property, director & officer liability, motor vehicle, public liability etc).