Audit plan


Anti Discrimination Legislation

Australian Research Council Act 2001

Heritage Act 1977

National Health & Medical Research Council Act 1992

Professional Standards Act 1994

Research Involving Human Embryos (NSW) Act 2003

SPAM Act 2003

Workers Compensation Legislation

Faculty of Arts - Faculty Office

Faculty of Arts - School of Letters, Art and Media

Faculty of Arts - School of Languages and Cultures

Faculty of Arts - School of Philosophy and Historical Inquiry

Faculty of Arts - School of Social and Political Sciences

Faculty of Education and Social Work

Faculty of Economics & Business

Faculty of Law

Science Foundation for Physics

Sydney Law School Foundation

The Medical Foundation

The Melanoma Foundation

The Nepean Medical Research Foundation

Veterinary Research Foundation

Payroll Processes


Leave Administration

Budget Monitoring

Cashflow Management

Capital Expenditure (CIS)

Investments & Capital Management

Implementation of Research System

Talent 2 HR Project

Brand Project

New Student System