Industrial special risks policy (ISR)

Worldwide cover is provided under this policy for all University property (excluding boats, boating equipment and motor vehicles, which are insured under separate policies).

This policy provides protection against the following:

  • Loss or damage caused by fire, lightning, storm, impact.
  • Earthquake/ Landslip/ Subsidence.
  • Burglary.
  • Breakage of internal or external glass.
  • Property in transit within Australia.
  • Boiler or pressure vessel explosion or collapse.
  • Extra cost of reinstatement of buildings incurred to comply with
    the requirements of relevant legislation affecting the reinstatement following loss.
  • Accounts receivable, being loss due to the University's inability to collect outstanding debts due to destruction of business books etc.
  • Additional expenditure, including movement and expenses of staff and students, equipping and rental of temporary premises and other costs incurred during the restoration period following loss.