Guidelines for taking University equipment overseas

  1. The Head of the Department must have given prior approval for the person concerned to take the equipment abroad.
  2. A record must be kept by the Department concerned of:-
    a) description of the equipment, including brand and serial number(s);
    b) destination and proposed method of conveyance to that destination
    c) period during which equipment will be absent
    d) name of person responsible for equipment whilst it is absent from the country
  3. When not in use whilst overseas the equipment must be kept in a secure location.
  4. The University's Asset No. labels must be on all IT equipment.
    Valuable data should be saved separate from equipment, e.g. by backing up data on flash memory or CD/DVD.
  5. The equipment must have a carrying case that offers some reasonable degree of protection from physical damage.
  6. Unless size precludes it, the equipment must be carried on board aircraft etc as hand luggage and NOT stowed in the cargo hold.
  7. If stolen, the theft must be reported to the nearest Police station as soon as the theft has been discovered.
  8. Persons taking equipment off campus should be reminded that all reasonable precautions must be taken to prevent loss, destruction or damage to the University's property.
  9. Notification must be provided to prior to transit when the replacement value of the equipment exceeds $50,000.