How to make a property claim

The following steps should be undertaken for claims excluding:

To enable resolution of the claim as soon as possible and to minimise disruption, and possible further damage, follow the steps outlined here.

Protect property

Protect property from any further damage in order to minimise the loss. Any incident which may give rise to a claim should be reported to the Faculty/School/Department or Audit and Risk Management. Late notification could lead to a denial of liability by the insurers. Any loss by theft and/or wilful or malicious damage should be reported to the University Security Service who will in turn inform the Police.

Lodge claim form

Lodge claim form with the Faculty/School/Department or Audit and Risk Management as soon as possible, together with any relevant supporting documentation (e.g. original purchase order, replacement quotation and/or tax invoice etc.). All equipment is covered for its replacement cost. If an exact replacement of the equipment is no longer available then the maximum amount claimable will be for the current closest equivalent model.

Loss of private equipment

For all losses of private equipment owned by staff and students during the course of University business: As from April 2008 the Faculty/School/Department will manage and fund claims relating to University assets up to $500 (any one incident). Audit and Risk Management do not require copies.