Staff travel insurance

The University's travel insurance policy provides cover to:

on University business authorised by the relevant authority, i.e. Head of School/Faculty, Director, or Dean.

University insurance policy information for staff & volunteers

Please read the Download

Please note: if you are in Australia on a student visa, or residing here temporarily, you are NOT covered for medical expenses if you travel back to your home country.


The maximum duration of any trip covered by the policy is 365 days. Internal Audit should be advised 10 days prior to departure of more than 270 days of travel.

Travel insurance provided by The University of Sydney only covers the traveller. It is the traveller's responsibility to arrange insurance associated with:

  • Accompanying spouse, partner, or family (including children).
  • Any associated holiday or personal travel.
  • You can arrange to purchase seperate personal travel cover via our existing insurer, AIG via Download

If you have any General Insurance questions, contact or call 9253 8106.

If you have any Insurance Claims questions, contact or call 9253 7120.

Are you tavelling to these countries?

  • Iran
  • Cuba

These countries are subject to sanctions issued by the Australian, US and UN Governments. If you are travelling to these countries, please contact our office to discuss your options.

Medical conditions

If you have a pre-existing medical condition you should obtain a 'fit for travel' letter from your GP/specialist stating:

Details of the condition

Management of the condition

Traveller suitability for overseas travel

Hold onto this letter in case of claim

Making a claim online

If you need to make a claim you can submit your claim directly online