Student travel insurance

Know when you're covered

As a currently enrolled student at the University of Sydney, you’re covered by the University's travel insurance policy when:

  • The travel is curriculum related. That is, it is directly or indirectly linked to the completion of your enrolled degree (e.g. student exchange, work experience and clinical placements); and
  • Your University-related travel has been formally approved by your Faculty, prior to your departure. The approval would normally be provided by your head of school or department. Ideally you should ask for an email confirmation of the approval so that you can include that document in the event you need to make an insurance claim.

If you plan to take any personal travel as part of your trip you should contact the University’s Insurance Officer or call 9351 4127 to discuss the circumstances of your personal travel and whether it will be covered by the University travel insurance.

In situations where you are not covered by the University's travel insurance you need to consider taking out your own travel insurance.


  • The University provides one week of cover before and after an international placement. This is to give the student time to find accommodation, etc. It only applies if you are travelling directly to your exchange destination and is not intended for personal travel.
  • The University allows personal travel on weekends only during approved exchange.

Are you travelling to these countries?

  • Iran
  • Cuba

These countries are subject to sanctions issued by the Australian, US and UN Governments. If you are travelling to these countries, please contact our office to discuss your options.

University insurance policy information

Please read the student travel insurance summary to see what's covered:

The policy carries an excess of $200, paid by the traveller for claims involving the theft of personal items. When making such a claim, the claimant must provide evidence that the items were stolen (police report, statutory declaration) as travel insurance does not cover lost or misplaced items.

Please note: if you are in Australia on a student visa, or residing here temporarily, you are NOT covered for medical expenses if you travel back to your home country.

Medical conditions

If the traveller has pre-existing medical conditions a letter from the treating doctor should be supplied to Audit and Risk Management advising of:

  • Details of the condition
  • Management of the condition
  • Traveller suitability for overseas travel


  • Does not cover routine medical procedures (e.g. checkups)
  • Does not cover loss or damage to personal effects (there must be evidence of theft)
  • Does not cover medical expenses in a country of which you are a citizen or resident