Any volunteer worker conducting authorised University activities on behalf of the University is covered by the University's liability policies.

The University has also in place a personal accident policy for volunteer workers injured whilst conducting authorised University activities. This policy also provides death and capital benefits.

The volunteer worker must have a letter from the Head of Department granting them authorisation to conduct the University activities.

Insurance for students on work experience or placement

The University maintains a personal accident policy for all undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The policy provides cover whilst the student is engaged in Campus/Course/University related activities and/or practical placement or community placement activities including the necessary domestic direct travel to and from such activities, including:

activities that are a course requirement or are sanctioned by the Dean of the Faculty, authorised officer for the Faculty, or Head of Department concerned; or

students who are not employees or workers of the organisation they are placed with for the purposes of Workers' Compensation legislation.

In summary this policy covers:

  • Death and capital benefits
  • Weekly injury benefits
  • Home tutorial benefit
  • Injury assistance benefit
  • Limited medical expenses (only those not claimable on Medicare)