How do I report wrongdoing?

Reports can be made in a number of ways:

  • online
  • telephone – 02 9351 4892 Manager Investigations; 02 9351 2415 Director Audit and Risk Management
  • mail – Room 300, level 3, Margaret Telfer K07, 71-79 Arundel Street, University of Sydney 2006
  • fax - 02 9351 3596
  • in person - Room 300, level 3, Margaret Telfer K07, 71-79 Arundel Street
  • anonymously – using any of the above

Ideally reports should be made directly to Audit and Risk Management – either to the Manager Investigations or to the Director Audit and Risk Management.

Reports can also be made to the University’s General Counsel or the Vice-Chancellor. These people are responsible for handling your report confidentially, and ensuring it is referred to the Director of Audit and Risk Management for examination.

Please note that if you are planning to make an anonymous report, it is important to provide as much evidence and information as possible. For example, make sure you provide copies of documents, emails or other evidence of the wrongdoing, because if you make an anonymous report you cannot be contacted for further details. Bear in mind that it is almost inevitable with most reports of wrongdoing – anonymous or not – that further information will be needed to complete the process. You should also be aware that it will not be possible to provide you with information about any outcomes resulting from your report, which is something the Manager Investigations does at the completion of an investigation.