BETH 5102 - Philosophy of Medicine

This unit of study introduces students to some key philosophical positions and debates concerning medicine and the biomedical sciences. It will help students to develop a broad and well-grounded perspective on bioethics, and achieve a deeper level of understanding in other units of study within the bioethics program. This unit of study is divided roughly into three sections. The first explores key concepts such as health, disease, mental illness and disability. The second section deals with topics that lie at the heart of a scientific approach to medicine, namely, causation, experimentation, evidence and clinical reasoning. The final section of the course invites students to reflect critically on the preceding section by exploring the rationality claims of non-orthodox approaches, by inquiring closely into the meaning of medical terms, and by taking a broad view of the notion of risk. Learning activities will include 2-hour weekly seminars, on-line discussions, written assignments, and brief presentations.

Contact course co-ordinator
Dr Chris Jordens
Ph: +61 2 9036 3405