BETH 5201 - Ethics and Biotechnology: Genes & Stem Cells

This unit of study introduces students to the broader ethical, philosophical, social, political, legal and regulatory issues that underlie genetics, stem cell research and the emerging biotechnologies. The unit will begin with a brief overview of the relevant science before considering differences between scientific, cultural and religious understandings of life and human identity. The unit also focuses on the political, regulatory and commercial context of biotechnology and the control of information. Students will examine the ethical issues that arise in clinical and population genetics, stem cell research and cloning as well as explore the boundaries of research and knowledge and the issues raised by emerging biotechnologies, such as nanotechnology and proteomics. Learning activities will include an intensive seminar program, small group sessions, online learning activities and essay assessment tasks.

Contact course co-ordinator
A/Prof Ian Kerridge
Ph: +61 2 9036 3405