BETH 5204 - Clinical Ethics

This unit of study introduces students with an overview of the broader philosophical, ethical, socio-political, and cultural issues that underlie the delivery of healthcare. Students will first explore the importance of ethics in clinical practice, issues relating to the role of the professions, and conceptual models for ethical reasoning in the clinical context. The second part of the unit will examine the foundations of clinical practice, including consent, competence, veracity, confidentiality, and decision-making as well as specific issues and populations within clinical practice, such as the care of vulnerable populations, mental health, and chronic illness. The third part of the unit will focus on skills associated with clinical ethics including analytic and mediation skills, and ethics consultation. The unit will conclude with reflections on current debates in the Australian healthcare context, particularly issues associated with healthcare rationing. Learning activities will include an intensive seminar program, facilitated discussion, case study presentations, and readings.

Contact unit co-ordinators
Associate Professor Ian Kerridge
Ph: +61 2 9036 3405