BETH 5301 - Research Project A

This unit of study must be taken in conjunction with BETH 5302 (Research Project B). The Research Project (i.e. parts A and B combined) provides opportunity for research and in-depth learning in a bioethics topic of special interest or importance to the student. Successful completion of the project may also provide students with the research experience required for the pursuit of a higher degree. This unit involves independent research and regular meetings with (a) supervisor(s). In the process of completing the Research Project (i.e. parts A and B combined), students will produce an original 15,000 word thesis. Choice of thesis topic depends on availability of appropriate supervisor(s). It is recommended, but not required, that BETH 5301 and 5302 are taken in separate semesters. A mark for both BETH 5301 and BETH 5302 combined is provided at the completion of BETH 5302 (upon submission of thesis). It is possible to take these units at a distance.

Prerequisites: Only available to students admitted to the Master of Bioethics (Honours) degree. Admission to this research track requires completion of at least 4 units of study (24 credit points) in the Postgraduate Program in Bioethics with a Distinction (or higher) average mark.

Offered Semesters 1 and 2 with meetings by appointment with supervisor.

Contact program co-ordinators
A/Prof Ian Kerridge
Ph: +61 2 9036 3405

Dr Chris Jordens
Ph: +61 2 9036 3406