Roles and responsibilities

Here are some terms we use on our blogging platform, and their formal meanings.


Anyone who might use the system. We normally reserve this term for describing someone who might view a blog: ie, a casual visitor.


A person who contributes to a blog by writing entries for that blog. A blogger can publish their entries to the web immediately, or leave them unpublished and allow the blogmaster (see below) to moderate and publish them.

A blogger is able to:

  • create new entries
  • upload files and
  • rebuild the site.


A blogger with extra privileges and duties on the blogging system.

A blogmaster is able to:

  • edit all entries
  • adjust the blog settings
  • send and manage notifications
  • manage blog categories
  • moderate comments

The blogmaster manages the content (entries and posts) on the blog, ensures that they are appropriate, and adjusts settings to the blog as necessary.

Every blog must have at least one blogmaster.


A person who contributes to a blog by posting comments about an entry on the blog. The policy on who is allowed to comment, and under what circumstances their comments are published, is determined by the blogmaster, however all commenters should follow these guidelines.