Blog feeds

What are feeds?

Feeds are another version of your blog, sometimes in headline and summary form, to which people subscribe. They enable content to be delivered to you instead of you having to trawl websites to keep up-to-date. They are sometimes called 'RSS', 'Atom' or 'XML' feeds.

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How do they work?

Each time you update your blog your feed is updated. Those who have subscribed to the feed are notified through their NewsReader.

What's a NewsReader?

A NewsReader is a piece of software that reads the feeds. Sometimes they are called 'aggregators'. There are a number of newsreaders available, depending upon your computer's operating system:





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How do I set up my blog feed?

Your feed is automatically generated by Movable Type. You do not have to do anything.

Where can I see my feed?

You can see the link to your blog feed in the bottom of the right hand column of your blog.

Feed not working?

Some news readers may experience difficulties when trying to validate the feeds from Movable Type blogs that use the atom.xml feed. If this happens, try changing the subscription URL to

(Replace atom.xml with index.xml)