Updating your profile

Your profile is information that Blogs dot Usyd knows about you. Some of this information is used by the system to send you notifications (eg. about trackbacks or comments made to posts you've published). It is also used to build the author profile page on your blog(s).

Important! If you have more than one blog on Blogs dot Usyd, then your same profile settings will be used accross all of them.

How do I access my profile?

To access your blogger profile:

  1. Log in to Movable Type
  2. Find the link at the top of the Movable Type interface (in the purple bar) that reads 'Welcome <>>username<' and click the link (your username).
  3. You should now see a page called 'Author Profile'.

Here you can change several attributes about yourself:

  • Your display name - this is your name as it appears on your blogs, including in entry listings and the list of authors on the right hand side of blog.
  • Your e-mail address (note, this is not displayed to the public) - Your e-mail address is used by Movable Type to notify you automatically when certain events occur (like someone posting a comment to your blog post). It can be any e-mail address you like (and it doesn't have to be your uni one), but make sure it's accurate.
  • Your website URL - This is not used by most blogs on Blogs dot Usyd, but you can provide one if you want.
  • Language - The language you'd like the Blogs dot Usyd interface presented in.

If you follow the Extended Profile link then you will be taken to another page that lets you provide a whole bunch of extra options about yourself.

  • Team - This can be used to distinguish between different groups of bloggers when there are many contributors. For example, in a blog that involves academics and postgraduate students some bloggers may elect to be members of the team 'postgrads' and some 'academics'. If present, a person's team will be listed after their name in brackets in the listing of Authors on the right hand side of the blog. The team name should be short (ideally one or two words) so as to fit here.
  • Tagline - Can be used to provide a short (around a sentence long) description of who you are and why you're blogging. Some bloggers choose to put a memorable or pithy quote in here. Your tagline will appear in your author profile page, at the top, in bold.
  • About - In this section you can provide a detailed description about yourself, as long as you want. If you know how, you can also put HTML in here to spruce it up a bit. The information here will appear in your author profile below the tagline, but above the summary of your blog postings.