What are trackbacks?

Trackbacks (sometimes called 'pings') are notfications sent from one blog to another. They are used to notify a blogger that their material has been referenced by another blog.

At the bottom of each post you can see how many trackbacks it has received.

How do I know if my blog has been 'trackbacked'?

If you have 'Email notifcation' turned on in the feedback settings of your blog you will receive an email notifying you that a trackback has been received. You can also see a list of trackbacks by using the link in the left hand menu on any of the Movable Type pages.

Do I have to accept trackbacks?

No, you do not have to accept trackbacks. You can change your settings in the feedback settings area.

Can I trackback another blog?

Yes. To trackback another blog post you place the trackback URL in the relevant field when you are creating an entry. For Movable Type blogs, the trackback URL to use is listed at the bottom of each post.

Trackback spam

Spammers sometimes use trackbacks to spam a site. You can avoid this by requiring that all trackbacks are approved before they appear on your site. Movable Type also includes a spam filter which will syphon off a lot of the spam before it gets to your blog. This filter is not foolproof however, some spam may still get through.

More information on Trackbacks from the Movable Type help centre.