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Diseases of the brain and mind, including substance abuse, clinical depression and dementia now account for more than 40 percent of all illness. These diseases are devastating for those affected, their families, and for society, costing the Australian economy an estimated $30 billion each year.

The BMRI brings together patients, support groups and front-line carers with scientists and clinicians working in neurosciences and brain research, providing hope for those affected.

Latest News & Events

  • Brain donation plea to beat MS

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    28 January: Associate Professor Michael Barnett says research on multiple sclerosis (MS) would be nowhere without studying brain materials. Thanks to donors like Claire Luck and her family, the Multiple Sclerosis Research Australia Brain Bank located at the BMRI is supporting researchers to make life-changing discoveries in MS.

  • BMRI researchers develop device for preventing Parkinson's falls

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    24 January: Associate Professor Simon Lewis has developed a device that warns people with Parkinson's disease when they are in danger of a fall> Freezing of Gait affects nearly everyone who has Parkinson's disease and has a major impact on their independence.