Genetics of depression study

Researchers are seeking adults who’ve been treated for depression to join a global investigation of the genetic origins of an illness affecting one in seven Australians.

Postgraduate Information Evening

Professor Simon Lewis from the Brain and Mind Centre will be speaking at the 2017 postgraduate information evening.

The Time Traveling Brain

In this talk, Associate Professor Muireann Irish, from the School of Psychology and Brain and Mind Centre, will present an overview of her work exploring autobiographical memory and future thinking across various dementia syndromes.

Diseases of the ageing brain

This course will offer geriatricians, general practitioners and physicians an opportunity to learn about practical clinical aspects of common diseases that affect the ageing brain.

Cog Step

Participants are being sought for a study aiming to improve mood, memory, sleep, metabolic health and quality of life as well as fitness, muscle strength and balance in older adults with early stage Alzheimer's disease.

Brain and Mind Centre

Brain and Mind Centre is a global leader in brain and mind science research, education and treatment.

By partnering across borders and disciplines, our teams are committed to the development of better treatments for disorders of the brain and mind, and leading improved health care for generations to come.