Advisory Committee

The Brain and Mind Research Institute’s (BMRI) Advisory Committee was formed in 2010 as the successor to the Brain and Mind Foundation, which was disestablished on advice from the University following a reorganisation of the operation and governance of Foundations.

The Advisory Committee provides the BMRI with independent advice on opportunities for engaging with government, business and the community.
The Advisory Committee provides the BMRI with essential support in the community through advocacy of its mission and identifying and facilitating fundraising opportunities.

The BMRI’s Advisory Committee is chaired by distinguished businessman Mr Michael Crouch.


  • Mr Michael Crouch AO (Chairman)
  • Mr Thomas Cropper
  • Mr J Gillis Broinowski AM
  • Mr Bruce Hawker
  • Mr John Grant AM
  • Mr Robert Alan Johnston AC

Meetings are attended by the Founding Director Professor Max Bennett AO, Executive Director of the BMRI, Professor Ian Hickie AM, and the Chief Operating Officer. Secretariat support is provided by the Executive Officer of the BMRI.