Clinics and Clinical Infrastructure Sub-Committee

This sub-committee of the Management Committee was established to guide clinics and clinical infrastructure at the Brain and Mind Research Institute (BMRI).


  • Professor Nick Glozer (Chair)
  • Professor Bernard Balleine
  • Associate Professor Michael Barnett
  • Dr Daniel Brown
  • Ms Nicole Cockayne
  • Mr Shane Cross
  • Professor Stewart Einfeld
  • Professor Manuel Graeber
  • Associate Professor Adam Guastella
  • Dr Daniel Hermens
  • Professor Ian Hickie
  • Associate Professor Jim Lagopoulos
  • Associate Professor Simon Lewis
  • Associate Professor Sharon Naismith
  • Ms Toni Ottavio
  • Associate Professor Michael Valenzuela

Terms of Reference

  1. Develop, and monitor the implementation of, a comprehensive plan to align the BMRI’s Clinical Research, Education and Training Strategy with the Institute’s Strategy (and the University’s Strategy), for consideration by the Management Committee.
  2. Ensure that the clinical activities operated by the BMRI are best aligned with the institute’s clinical research, education and training strategy, offering improved clinical services to the community.
  3. Formulate, monitor and report to the Management Committee on key clinical research, education and training performance indicators and advise the Management Committee on strategies to improve performance.
  4. Assess the capacity and appropriateness of research infrastructure facilities and personnel and advise the Management Committee on possible areas for future investment.
  5. Assess proposals for growth of existing or creation of new clinical research, education and training initiatives, including their impact on current activities and the infrastructure and resourcing implications.
  6. Provide advice to the Management Committee regarding other forms of support, which will improve performance, sustain areas of clinical research strength, provide seed support for emerging areas of clinical research strength and develop new areas.
  7. Provide advice to the Management Committee on clinical research strategy including the development of cross-faculty, multidisciplinary initiatives and proposals involving NSW Health and the Local Health District/RPA
  8. Monitor global developments in clinical research policy and practice and provide advice to the University on how the University should respond.
  9. Establish a program for the development and systematic review of Clinical Governance and clinical research policies and practice at the BMRI
  10. Monitor and report to the Management Committee on matters of clinical research governance and research integrity.