The Brain and Mind Research Institute is based upon active collaboration of researchers from the basic through to translational and clinical neurosciences, students, patients and front-line carers, and on the sharing of unique facilities such as the molecular imaging facility, MRI clinical imaging, aquarium, and clinics, all housed together in an environment that promotes synergy of effort and sharing of ideas.

The BMRI’s Governing Committee supports the development of culture, practices and processes appropriate to the objectives of a sustainable translational, cross-faculty, interdisciplinary research institute as an approved Centre under the University’s Centres’ Policy.

The Institute is managed by the Executive Director, Professor Ian Hickie, and the Chief Operating Officer, Michael Milne, with the support of the Management Committee. The Management Committee is comprised of the BMRI Professoriate.

The BMRI’s research staff and students are supported by an Operations team. Led by the Chief Operating Officer Michael Milne, the Operations team consists of an Executive Officer, Laboratory Manager, HR Advisor, Finance Officer, Web and Communications Officer and Receptionist. Central Services provide a Computer Support Officer and day cleaner.