Infrastructure sub-committee

This sub-committee of the Management Committee was established to make recommendations to the Brain and Mind Research Institute (BMRI) Management Committee about investment of infrastructure-related funds.

Its mission is to help develop a world-class research infrastructure environment that enables BMRI investigators to achieve their goals.


  • Associate Professor Michael Valenzuela (Chair)
  • Professor Bernard Balleine
  • Professor Stewart Einfeld
  • Professor Nick Glozier
  • Professor Manuel Graeber
  • Dr Marie-Claude Grégoire (ANSTO)
  • Professor Ian Hickie
  • Associate Professor Jim Lagopoulos
  • Associate Professor Simon Lewis
  • Professor Steven Meikle
  • Associate Professor Sharon Naismith

Terms of reference

  1. Infrastructure strategy should align with overall BMRI Strategy, USYD strategy, Clinical Research Strategy, Education & Training Strategy.
  2. Target research infrastructure and associated technical expertise that supports major BMRI research themes/platforms/programs.
  3. Support should benefit several BMRI research groups (the more the greater the merit) rather than any single researcher.
  4. Recognise that highly expert technical support is as important to productive use of infrastructure as hardware.