Management Committee

The Institute is managed by the Executive Director, Professor Ian Hickie, and the Chief Operating Officer, with the support of the Management Committee. The Management Committee is comprised of the BMRI Professoriate.


  • Professor Bernard Balleine
  • Professor Richard Banati
  • Associate Professor Michael Barnett
  • Professor Thomas Becker
  • Professor Max Bennett
  • Adjunct Associate Professor Renée Bittoun
  • Clinical Associate Professor Michael Buckland
  • Associate Professor Kay Double
  • Professor Stewart Einfeld
  • Associate Professor Roger Fulton
  • Professor Nick Glozier
  • Professor Manuel Graeber
  • Dr Marie-Claude Grégoire (ANSTO)
  • Associate Professor Adam Guastella
  • Ms Rebecca Halligan
  • Professor Ian Hickie
  • Professor Michael Kassiou
  • Professor Matthew Kiernan
  • Associate Professor Jim Lagopoulos
  • Professor Tim Lambert
  • Associate Professor Simon Lewis
  • Professor Steven Meikle
  • Associate Professor Sharon Naismith
  • Associate Professor Louise Nash
  • Professor John Pollard
  • Professor Luis Salvador-Carulla
  • Associate Professor Michael Valenzuela

The BMRI’s research staff and students are supported by an Operations team. Led by the Chief Operating Officer, the Operations team consists of an Executive Officer, Laboratory Manager, HR Advisor, Finance Officer, Web and Communications Officer and Receptionist. Central Services provide a Computer Support Officer and day cleaner.


Two sub-committees of the Management Committee provide recommendations and strategic direction in specialised areas: