Welcome to the Australian Smoking Cessation Conference

6 - 8 November 2013, Translating the Science into Clinical Practice

Associate Professor Renee Bittoun from the Smoking Research Progeam invited tobacco treatment specialists, medical professionals, health workers and others with an interest in the field to attend the Australian Smoking Cessation Conference 2013, 6 - 8 November.

At this conference, they had the opportunity to:

  1. Focus on clinical practice in smoking cessation, sharing knowledge gained from it and passing on knowledge to help improve it
  2. Translate the current evidence-based science on nicotine addiction and treatment into clinical practice
  3. Gain professional development in smoking cessation methodology
  4. Learn about smoking cessation projects from around the nation
  5. Network with like-minded professionals

We received overwhelmingly positive feedback for the 3 days of the ASCC. Over 89% of responders rated the conference either ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’, with the remaining 11% still awarding the conference a positive rating of ‘good’. 85% of responsders felt the conference content was extremely or very useful and 93% thought it was pitched at the right level for them. The invited speakers were rated as excellent to very good by 93% of responders.


  • Associate Profesor Judith Prochaska
  • Professor Cheryl Oncken
  • Dr Andy McEwen
  • Professor Joseph DiFranza
  • Profesor Nancy Rigotti
  • Professor Rachel Tyndale
  • Dr Stuart Ferguson
  • Associate Professor Billie Bonevski
  • Professor Kay Wilhelm
  • Professor Robyn Richmond
  • Professor Nicholas Zwar
  • Associate Professor Susan Towns
  • Dr Gillian Gould
  • Dr Megan Passey
  • Ms Jan Robertson
  • Mr David Copley
  • Dr Lyndon Bauer
  • Associate Professor Smita Shah

Video presentations

Thursday 7 November 2013

Agenda Speaker Topic

Welcome to Country


Associate Professor Renee Bittoun &

Professor Ian Hickie

Keynote Speaker Dr Andy McEwen Evidence-based smoking cessation: the English experience



Chair: Dr Gillian Gould   
Mr David Copley Overview of indigenous Smoking
Dr Megan Passey Smoking in pregnancy
Ms Jan Robertson Remote vs urban Indigenous smoking: considerations for tobacco cessation practice

Parallel Sessions

Professor Nick Zwar Australian clinical practice guidelines
Professor Nick Zwar The role of practice nurses
Professor Rachel Tyndale Genetics and pharmacogenetics of smoking and practical implications for therapy

Parallel Sessions

Abstract Submissions



Chair: Mark Montebello   
Associate Professor Judith Prochaska Overview of smoking and mental illness. Myths and barriers

Associate Professor Billie Bonevski

Smoking and comorbid drug and alcohol use
Professor Kay Wilhelm Smoking and depression
 Professor Robyn Richmond Smoking and psychotic disorders

Friday 8 November 2013

Agenda Speaker Topic


Chair: Tracey Greenberg 
Professor Cheryl Oncken Pregnancy Overview
Dr Lyndon Bauer Quit4Baby program and lessons learned
Professor Cheryl Oncken Evidence-based treatment of smoking in pregnancy


Chair: Nick Zwar   
Professor Nancy Rigotti Interventions for smoking cessation in hospitalised patients
Dr Stuart Ferguson Nicotine replacement therapy update
Dr Andy McEwen Behavioural support
Associate Professor Judith Prochaska Varenicline
Parallel Sessions  Neil Francey Making tobacco companies pay for smoking cessation
Professor Nancy Rigotti Tobacco use among homeless people - Addressing the neglected addiction
Associate Professor Renee Bittoun The ethical dilemma of recommending nicotine delivery devices


Chair: Renee Bittoun   
Professor Joseph DiFranza The onset, timeframe, trajectory and assessment of tobacco dependence in adolescence
Associate Professor Susan Towns KidsQuit program and practical advice for clinicians
Associate Professor Smita Shah A multi-modal educational program in high schools in western Sydney to address asthma, smoking prevention and cessation
Professor Joseph DiFranza What works in adolescent smoking cessation, what is the evidence, how can tobacco treatment specialists operationalize this evidence?

Sponsors of the ASCC 2012

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Reference: 1. Stead L et al. Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2012; Iss 11: Art no CD000146

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Department of Health and Ageing

The vision of the Department of Health and Ageing is Better health and active ageing for all Australians.

The Department is responsible for achieving the Government’s priorities for population health, aged care and population ageing as well as medical services, primary care, rural health, hearing services and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.

The Department administers programs to meet the Government’s objectives in health system capacity and quality, mental health, health workforce, acute care, and biosecurity and emergency response.

The Department supports the Australian community's access to affordable private health services and is responsible for policy on Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

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Niche Medical
Niche Medical

Niche Medical will be displaying the following products at the Inaugural Smoking Cessation Conference 2013:

  • Bedfont Smokerlyzers – Carbon Monoxide Monitoring for Smoking Cessation
  • EasyOne Spirometer – The New Standard in Spirometry
  • LiteAire Disposable Cardboard Spacer – Collapsible MDI Holding Chamber

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Scholarships to attend the ASCC 2013

‘Working Both Ways’ By artist Henry F Sambomo (Bullugarri Djangala)

‘Working Both Ways’ By artist Henry F Sambomo (Bullugarri Djangala) 2003

Scholarship applications are closed.

Smoking rates in the Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander population are three times the national average and there is a desperate need to upskill Indigenous health workers to tackle this problem.

We are in the process of looking for both applicants, as well as financial support to fund several Indigenous Scholarships to the conference.
Recipients need to be Indigenous and working with Indigenous smokers to be eligible.

The Australian Smoking Cessation Conference includes a plenary session on smoking in Indigenous peoples, which consists of an overview of the problem, smoking in pregnancy, and practical advice for addressing smoking in Indigenous populations.

There is also a 4-hour pre-conference interactive workshop on smoking in Indigenous populations designed to provide practical skills and knowledge to health professionals working in this area, including Aboriginal Health Workers, as well as workshops on mental illness, smoking in pregnancy, and adolescent smoking.

Scholarships will cover travel, accommodation and full conference registration.

Supporters of the ASCC 2013

Australian Practice Nurses Association
Indigenous Allied Health Australia
Association for the Treatment of Tobacco Use and Dependence

Australian College of Mental Health Nurses
Israel Medical Association for Smoking Cessation and Prevention
The Lowitja Institute

National Stroke Foundation
NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation

Journal of Smoking Cessation
School of Public Health and Community Medicine at the UNSW
The Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco

Australian Respiratory Council
Smoke Free Coalition
National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training

Lung Foundation
Concord Cancer Centre
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Cancer Prevention Team

Focus Health Network
Asthma Australia
The Australian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs

Australian Medical Association
The Chris O
Eastern Sydney Medicare Local

The Children’s Hospital at Westmead