Nicotine Addiction & Smoking Cessation 3 day Training Courses

These courses are brought to you by A/Prof Renée Bittoun from the Smoking Research Program, Brain & Mind Research Institute, and Editor-in Chief of The Journal of Smoking Cessation.

Gain in-depth knowledge and skills in nicotine addiction and smoking cessation to work in primary and allied healthcare as a tobacco treatment and smoking cessation specialist.

Topics you will cover during the course:
Causes, consequences, treatment and research of smoking cessation, nicotine addiction and appropriate evidence based smoking cessation techniques in practical application and to improve the implementation and evaluation of programs in Smoking Cessation.

Various levels of these courses are offered:

Pharmacy Specific

With the increased role of Australian pharmacists in providing specialised disease management and public health services, we specifically cover pharmacy practice application in order to improve the implementation of smoking cessation in pharmacy.
This course is 2 days in length. It will cover evidence-based interventions, pharmacotherapies and smoking cessation strategies.

Day one will include basic understanding of tobacco use and dependence, and day two will include a half-day interactive workshop for practical application and “trouble shooting” in the pharmacy.

Each participant will be able to register approximately 12 hours of training and 4-3 hours of interactive workshop for their continuing education points.

Cost: $2090AUD per person (GST inclusive) Non-Refundable
2016 Dates: 22 – 23 October

Intensive Interventions

‘Intense Interventions’ is the original 3 day course that Assoc. Prof. Bittoun has been teaching for over 15 years. Updating the content regularly, this course will cover all of the above topics.

This course is suitable for: Health practitioners who have an undergraduate degree in medical/para-medical, allied health and intend on dedicating a large component of their professional career to smoking cessation.
Cost: $2090 per person (GST inclusive)

2016 Dates:

  • March 21 – 23
  • November 7 – 9
Mental Health Specific

This is course is also 3 days in length, and will cover everything in the above Topics, with more focus on mental health.

This course is suitable for: Drug & alcohol counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists and other health practitioners who have an undergraduate degree in medical/para-medical, allied health work and mental health.
Cost: $2090 per person (GST inclusive)

2016 Dates:

  • July 18 – 21
Brief Interventions

Brief interventions is our newest course, 2 days in length it will cover brief interventions and smoking cessation strategies.

This course is suitable for: This course is suitable for people who work in healthcare and public health that would like basic smoking cessation knowledge, but where smoking cessation may not be their unique focus, it is also more suitable for those without medical or health undergraduate degrees.

Cost: $1430 per person (GST inclusive)

2016 Dates:

  • June 6 – 7

What qualifications will you receive?

A University of Sydney Certificate of Attendance is awarded to attendees at the conclusion of the course. You will be recognised by your peers as having specialised knowledge and skills in nicotine addiction and smoking cessation.

Texts and resources are provided as well as exposure to clinics and access to continuing medical education.

Your trainers

Hosted by A. Prof Renee Bittoun (Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Smoking Cessation), you will be taught by her, along with other experts in the field of smoking cessation. Our teaching faculty has many years of experience in clinical practice and professional training regarding smoking cessation.

2016 dates

21 - 23 March (Intensive Interventions)
6 – 7 June (Brief Interventions)
18 – 21 July (Mental Health Specific)
7 - 9 Nov (Intensive Interventions)

Registration and Fees

To register for a course, please contact for a registration form.

The 3 day course fee is $2090 including GST.

The 2 day course fee is $1430 including GST


For further information and enrolments please contact:

Smoking Research Unit
The University of Sydney Level 7, Building M02F NSW 2006
Tel 02 9351 0816 / 02 9351 0510