Brain and Mind Centre works to alleviate the suffering caused by brain and mind disorders.

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Our activity is cross-disciplinary and spans four broad but highly integrated areas: Research, Translation, Teaching and Patient care.

Either in the laboratory, in clinics or on the street we are always looking for new and better ways to treat or prevent brain and mind disorders.
We work tirelessly to see our discoveries put into policy and practice.
We train promising students and professionals from around the world to make a lasting impact on mental healthcare.
Patient care
Through our clinics we see clients who are at the coal-face of brain and mind disorders.

Some of our achievements to date

In recent years we have made the following changes to the understanding and management of brain and mind disorders:

  • Established headspace, the national Youth Mental Health Foundation to help young people aged 12–25 with mild to moderate mental health issues receive early treatment that responds to their needs
  • Developed a vaccine for Alzheimer’s disease that is effective in mouse models. The vaccine works by removing pathological tau protein from the neurons
  • Built imaging research infrastructure representing a major foray into preventive health and enabling researchers nationally to reshape ideas about brain and mind disorders, and others such as cancer, cardiovascular, and immune disease
  • Offered an ongoing Brain Training program for older people that delays or slows cognitive decline leading to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and related dementias
  • Commenced development of a world-first intervention for children and young people with autism, social anxiety and first episode psychosis

Thank you for supporting us. With your help we have developed new procedures, technologies and medicines, provided immediate access to the most advanced assessments and treatments for mental and neurological disorders, and trained 80 of the next generation of scientists, neurologists and mental health professionals.

Our significant achievements provide a strong foundation on which to build further progress. There is still much to do, and with your help we are well positioned to make wide-ranging, enduring, global improvements for people affected by disorders of the brain and mind.