Leading healthcare for the 21st century

Professor Ian Hickie, was among a panel of health experts who recently to discuss how we can innovate healthcare.

Data: Transforming science

Brain and Mind Centre's Nick Glozier is set to talk at this joint Sydney Ideas and Vivid Ideas event.

Creating a mentally healthy organisation

Workers’ mental health should be as important as their physical well-being, according to Prof Ian Hickie.

Red lab coat day

On Friday 19 April, researchers at the Brain and Mind Centre participated in Red Lab Coat Day, which raises awareness of the continuing research into multiple sclerosis.

Brain training to fight dementia

Professor Michael Valenzuela talks about how a recent study shows real potential for certain brain exercises to slow or prevent the development of Alzheimer's disease.

Brain and Mind Centre

Brain and Mind Centre is a global leader in brain and mind science research, education and treatment.

By partnering across borders and disciplines, our teams are committed to the development of better treatments for disorders of the brain and mind, and leading improved health care for generations to come.