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  • 31st: University of Sydney story Dr Simon Lewis on early onset of Parkinson's Disease - University of Sydney.
  • 30th: Early Signs of Parkinson's Disease Dr Simon Lewis discusses early symptoms of Parkinson's deisease that may be missed - 612 AM ABC Radio Brisbane.
  • 19th: The Youth Mental Health Building at the BMRI won a Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) International Award for 2011.
  • 18th: Prof Ian Hickie and Dr Naomi Rogers released research noting that agomelatin, a synthetic version of the naturally occurring sleep-inducing hormone melatonin, works better than placebo to improve symptoms of depression. Read the coverage in Time magazine, ABC News and The Conversation.
  • 13th: Senior lecturer Sebastian Rosenberg has written an op-ed in the Canberra Times on the Federal Budget and mental health care funding.
  • 13th: Budget 2011 – Mental Health Analysis, Sebastian Rosenberg Senior Lecturer. The 2011 Federal Budget provides a package of new mental health measures totalling $1.5bn over five years. The budget initiatives can be found here. Rather than simply repeat the announcements, this briefing attempts to provide a context for the Budget decisions. See briefing on Budget 2011 – Mental Health Analysis
  • 12th: A message from Prime Minister Julia Gillard to the GetUp campaign: "Dear GetUp It was great to speak at GetUp's mental health forum this week and inspiring to see so many GetUp members at the event. I know that there are many tens of thousands more around the country who are passionate about the issue too. Every Minister and MP has received thousands of emails and calls from GetUp members about mental heath and many of us have seen the campaign in action on TV and in our electorates. It's an issue that is also very important to me. I mentioned at the forum that my father was a psychiatric nurse and I've seen through his experience how the mental health sector has progressed over the decades from a more institutional approach toward more holistic community care. Like millions of Australians I have seen friends and family who have been affected by mental illness. This week my Government was proud to announce the biggest mental health package in the nation's history. The package isn't just about increasing funding. It also shows our commitment to continuing that progress and supporting an integrated community approach to mental health. I was glad to see that the package has been welcomed by mental health experts including Professor McGorry and Professor Hickie who have been so closely involved in GetUp's campaign. GetUp members have been passionate, sincere and very effective advocates for mental health reform and they've made a big impact here in Parliament House. Sincerely, Julia Gillard Prime Minister."
Professor Ian Hickie discusses the Get Up campaign


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  • 21st: Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott unveiled the details of the coalition's $430 million mental health plan at the BMRI. A coalition government would establish a mental health commission and spend more than $300 million on helping the mentally ill return to work. Event details are listed with Channel 9, Channel 7, SBS, ABC, SMH, Sky News, Daily Telegraph and the Sun Herald.
Tony Abbott at the BMRI

Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott unveiled the details of the coalition's $430 million mental health plan at the BMRI.


  • 26th: The Blueprint to transform Mental Health and Social Participation in Australia was released today by the Independent Mental Health Reform Group comprising of Monsignor David Cappo, Prof Patrick McGorry, Prof Ian Hickie, Sebastian Rosenberg, John Moran and Matthew Hamilton. The Blueprint specifies 30 transformational new services the Commonwealth can fund and set in place starting now. The Blueprint details a four-year $2.5bn program of strategic and evidence-based investment in 30 new services that have the capacity to transform the mental health in this country. Summary PDF and Report PDF. Please forward any comments to .



  • 25th: The Australian Financial Review reports that Prof Ian Hickie has commented on a former Macquarie bank executive’s call for more disadvantaged people to be employed.
  • 17th: 4BC, Brisbane speak to Prof Ian Hickie who discusses how crises bring community's together and make them share dealing with adversity. Hickie discusses the range of emotions felt by many different people during a tragedy such as the flood crisis and the best way that they can interact with each other.