Welcome Associate Professor Michael Valenzuela

Associate Professor Michael Valenzuela has recently been appointed through the Faculty of Medicine to lead the Regenerative Neuroscience Group at the Brain and Mind Research Institute, University of Sydney.

He joins us from the School of Psychiatry (UNSW) with a background in psychology, clinical medicine and neuroscience research. In 2006, AProf Valenzuela received the Australian Museum Eureka Prize for Medical Research, and in 2010 he received a NHMRC Excellence Award for the top-ranked clinical Career Development Award.

AProf Valenzuela’s research aims at understanding the competing forces of neuroplasticity and degeneration in the human brain and how these may be modified to help prevent dementia. Current projects include work with adult stem cells, animal models, brain tissue, human clinical trials and large multinational population-based samples. He has a particular interest in new brain imaging technologies such as Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and PET imaging to help bridge the translational gap between animal studies and human health.

AProf Valenzuela believes that dementia is a critical challenge for our ageing society, and is dedicated to communicating dementia-prevention health ideas to the public. In 2011, he released a popular-science book about healthy brain ageing titled, 'Maintain Your Brain' (ABC Books) and was part of the Alzheimer's Australia team that developed BrainyApp, the world's first iPhone app designed to help users maximise their longterm brain health.

A/Prof Michael Valenzuela