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  • 26 November: "Smoking-cessation workshop improves students' knowledge" about a program run by Adjunct Associate Professor Renee Bittoun for undergraduate Pharmacy students at the University of Sydney.
  • 20 November: Professor Ian Hickie interviewed by Paul Murray on Radio 2UE to discuss whether the search engine Google has altered people’s minds and made them more forgetful.
  • 19 November: Professor Ian Hickie was interviewed for Channel 9 News Perth about lifting the drinking age following new research showing the human brain continues to grow well into a person's mid-20s.
  • 17 November: "Research shows parenting continues into child's 20s article in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age featuring comment from Professor Ian Hickie.
  • 17 November: Professor Ian Hickie interviewed by James O'Loghlin on 774 ABC Melbourne about introverts and extroverts.
  • 11 November: "Funds awarded for research in brain and mind sciences".
  • 7 November: "How smokers can be helped to quit" on ABC Midday News, featuring Adjunct Associate Professor Renee Bittoun.

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  • 6 November: Clinical Associate Professor Michael Buckland, recipient of a Brain Foundation Research Gift Award for Brain Tumours, funded by Rosemary Palmer-Brown Estate and the North West Committee of the Brain Foundation. Research title: Glioblastoma stem cell-derived microvesicles.
  • 4 November: Professor Matthew Kiernan talks Clive Roberts on radio 2UE about a range of questions in neurology from memory to pain, and mental blocks. listen to the interview.




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