Autism Clinic for Translational Research (ACTr)

We conduct world-leading research investigating the cause, maintenance and treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders across early childhood and into early adulthood.

Our vision and mission

Our vision is to tighten the link between researchers, clinicians, and patients to improve health outcomes by translating research into clinical practice. We are connecting researchers, faculty, and students with clinicians; and collectively linking them with the community in ways that will lead to advancing the science and treatment of autism.

Our mission is to use multi-disciplinary research teams to understand autism and rely on translational neuroscience models to inform new treatment approaches. Approaches such as targeted treatments in the form of medication-based advances of novel biological mechanisms or new evidence-based psychological methods to teach skills and improve the lives of those with autism.

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About ACTr

We are committed to developing world-first treatments for people diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Our dedicated research team consists of clinical psychologists and research experts in the field of behavioural, cognitive and neuro-psychology.

Our research is focused on how biology, genetics and brain functioning contribute to ASD. We are working to develop the first ever medication that will reliably improve social difficulties experienced by children and young adults with autism.

Our clinic is family-focused. We know that autism affects not only the person diagnosed, but their entire family. We encourage parents of autistic children to take part in our clinical research programs. This will help us uncover biological and behavioural markers that might play a role in the onset of ASD. As a parent, your involvement will help us develop more effective treatment methods for your child.

We are invested in the community. We want our research to have direct and positive implications for all members of the ASD community. If you have been diagnosed with ASD, or you know someone with ASD, your involvement couldl benefit both you, and the broader ASD community.

Our clinic is based at the University of Sydney's Brain and Mind Centre in Camperdown. It is for children and young adults with a diagnosis of Autism, PDD-NOS or Asperger's disorder. Currently, we run programs for toddlers from 3 years of age through to young adults up to 30 years old.