Cognitive training

The Healthy Brain Ageing Cognitive Training program is a comprehensive clinical assessment and intervention program for people over the age of 50 who have noticed changes in their memory and other thinking functions.

It includes a medical and neuropsychological assessment, a brain scan and a 7-week group-based treatment program that incorporates both education as well as computer-based brain exercises, otherwise known as cognitive training.

Education is provided by trained Clinical Neuropsychologists Associate Professor Sharon Naismith and Dr Keri Diamond as well as Old Age Psychiatrist Dr Louisa Norrie, Clinical Psychologist Dr Samantha Fearns and Chronobiologist Associate Professor Naomi Rogers.

Data from this program to-date suggests that it is associated with a significant improvement in memory.

This study aims now to determine whether improvements in performance generalize to other areas of social functioning and to evaluate the mechanisms underlying the changes observed in the brain. The results of this study will inform models of neuroplasticity and will help to inform the timing and delivery of such early intervention programs.

Clinical study status


We are not currently recruiting participants for this trial as we have completed the data collection phase and are now in the process of conducting statistical data analyses.

We will be commencing a new Cognitive Training trial in the coming months. This randomised controlled trial will involve the addition of either a Creatine dietary supplement or placebo alongside Cognitive Training. If you would like further information about this trial, please email us at