The MSRA Brain Bank operates under strict legal and ethical regulations within the NSW Human Tissue Act (1982) and the equivalent interstate legislation. Ethics approval is also granted by the Sydney South West Area Health Service (RPAH Zone) and The University of Sydney.

The MSRA Brain Bank ensures that:

  • All tissue and data collected are obtained with written informed consent of the donor and their senior available next-of-kin.
  • All tissue is retrieved by specially trained staff using a standardised autopsy and dissection protocol.
  • The donor’s body and all tissues are handled carefully, ethically, and treated with respect at all times by our staff.
  • All tissue and medical records are identified by numeric code such that the donor’s identity remains confidential.
  • All tissue and data are securely stored and are accessible only by authorised Brain Bank staff.
  • Tissue is only released for research projects approved by the MSRA Brain Bank Scientific Advisory Committee.
  • Tissue is disseminated under conditions of the Material Transfer Agreement, which restricts the use of the material to approved research projects only and forbids its use for commercial purposes.

If tissue is no longer suitable for research, it is disposed of in an ethical and respectful manner, in accordance with national regulations.