Magnetic Resonance Imaging


The Brain and Mind Centre clinical imaging facility comprises a GE Discovery 750 whole body 3T MRI scanner, which is provided under a commercial partnership with Southern Radiology.

The scanner can perform high-speed structural and functional imaging of the head, neck, torso and extremities.

The facility offers:

  • leading service - assisting you with the design, development and running of your imaging experiments, as well as understanding your results
  • a state-of-the-art3T MRI scanner retrofitted with sophisticated video presentation, response acquisition as well as physiological monitoring systems
  • high-performance computing for data analysis

The imaging facility offers every imaging modality (including structural and functional MRI, diffusion tensor imaging, proton spectroscopy). The facility is also fully equipped to run multinuclear spectroscopy including phosphorous spectroscopy, and is finalising the development of carbon and fluorine spectroscopy.

It is available for use by researchers, please contact to discuss your requirements.


  • physiological monitoring equipment
  • power injector
  • in-room gas
  • positioning aids
  • filtered access panel for ancillary transducers
  • ability to interface to external PCs and laptops
  • ability to accurately triggering of the start of experiment and logging of individual MR volumes
  • high quality visual, and stereo auditory stimulation
  • two-way speakers for communication between subject and researcher
  • keypad system for logging subject behavioural responses and reaction times
  • optional access to the Brain and Mind Centre high performance computing platform


Stimulus Presentation Software:

Data Processing Software:

Imaging Tools

  • MRICron
  • MRConverter
  • ImageJ