The role of stress in depression

Metabolic imaging investigating neuronal-glial interactions with 13C-spectroscopy to investigate how stress is implicated in major depression.

Glutathione in psychiatric illness

Spectroscopic imaging to determine the extent of reduced glutathione - the brain’s main antioxidant - and its relationship to oxidative stress in the brain of people with a psychiatric condition.

MRI investigations of the brain

Quantitative high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging investigations of grey and white matter structure.

The effects of stress on grey matter volume

High-resolution animal imaging investigating the effects of physical stress on grey matter volume, which in certain brain regions is implicated in the regulation of mood.

A physiologiccal test for stage of illness

A multidisciplinary team of researchers including Associate Professors Jim Lagopoulos and Sharon Naismith, Drs Daniel Hermens and Liz Scott, and Professors Max Bennett and Ian Hickie are investigating changes in the extent of connectivity of white matter in people with established psychosis or affective disorder.

The results from this study may provide a physiological marker for psychiatric illness, setting a new direction for the diagnosis of psychiatric illness.